About us

Our vision

Many Albanians remain unreached without a gospel witness. Our vision is to empower Albanian ministers to reach their own people throughout the Balkan region as well as the lost in the Muslim world, thus accelerating the gospel and advancing the kingdom of God.

Our ministry

We are reaching lost Albanians with the gospel of Jesus Christ, facilitating church plants, training pastors, and touching the poor with Christ’s compassion. In 1995, we arrived in Albania, a nominally Muslim nation formerly ruled by an atheistic and communist regime, to “preach the gospel where Christ was not known.” After language study, we planted a church in the unreached community of Fushe Kruja. During the war in Kosovo in 1999, we ministered to thousands of Kosovar Albanians fleeing the horrors of war and ethnic cleansing and started a refugee camp. Afterwards, we oversaw the establishment of a church in Mitrovica, Kosovo, the first evangelical church in that city of over 100,000 people. In September 2003, our family moved to the capital city of Tirana to found Evangelical Theological College, an institution for training Albanian pastors, church planters and missionaries. At the same time, we spearheaded the effort to establish the General Council of the Assemblies of God of Albania where Kurt served as the first general superintendent. We are continuing to lead and build the national church by mentoring young pastors and other national leaders.


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