“I am privileged to recommend to you the ministry of Kurt and Stephanie Plagenhoef, long-term missionaries to Albania in southern Europe who have served the Albanian people with incredible distinction in Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia, Greece, and beyond. They have served since the early 1990s, when life was extremely difficult and when the infrastructure of the country was devastated. In spite of health issues, inherent dangers, and physical and emotional challenges, they have been able to plant the church and establish a Bible school for Albanian believers. I am glad to say that the Plagenhoefs are some of our best missionaries as well as wonderful colleagues and friends.”

     Greg Mundis, Executive Director, Assemblies of God World Missions


“I highly recommend the pulpit ministry of missionary Kurt Plagenhoef. I had the privilege of first meeting Kurt and Stephanie back in 1999 during the Kosovo refugee crisis. Since that time they have led the Bible school in Albania, which was once one of the most closed countries of the world to the gospel. At my home church, Central Assembly, Kurt spoke on faith promise Sunday, powerfully communicating the cause of missions and motivated me, personally, to double my faith promise. If you have the privilege of having Kurt minister in your church your congregation will be greatly blessed!”

     Randy Hurst, Communications Director, Assemblies of God World Missions


“It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for missionary Kurt Plagenhoef. For many years Kurt and his family have been serving the cause of Christ in Albania. Having witnessed his life and ministry first hand, I can tell you that his is a vitally important ministry to the entire Balkan region. In fact, I have often referred to Kurt and Stephanie’s ministry as apostolic as I have watched them push against centuries-old resistance created by ethnic/racial, political, and satanic ideologies. The result of their ministry has been a return of Pentecost to an area given up on by so many. Please lend your churches support to my friends allowing them to continue to move forward against the enemies strongholds.”

     Richard D. Collins, Superintendent, Georgia Assemblies of God


“In all of my 50 years plus of ministry, most of it serving as a missionary, I have never met any missionary who has done more to reach into the Muslim world with the loving gospel of Jesus Christ than Kurt Plagenhoef. He has always known what he wants to do, and fearlessly, he has and is doing it. His missionary service in Albania and beyond, is cutting edge. His message needs to be heard.”

     Sam Johnson, Executive Director, Priority One


“It is my pleasure to recommend Kurt and Stephanie to your church as missionary speakers as well as someone to capture your church world view in an amazing way. They have done great things in the area God has sent them in Albania. I would heartily recommend them, and I know they will be a blessing to your church as well as ours.”

     Randy Valimont, Senior Pastor, Griffin First Assembly, Griffin, GA


“In a few months, we will have the great privilege to host missionary Kurt Plagenhoef here in Oregon. Kurt and his family have been building the kingdom of God in a place that has been controlled by Communism for many years. They have planted churches, trained leaders and built a fabulous Bible School. God has blessed their efforts by giving them a great harvest. Kurt is a passionate man of vision and is demonstrating what can be done through the power of the Holy Spirit. I have personally had the opportunity to visit the Plagenhoefs in Albania and can tell you his ministry will bless and inspire your church. When Kurt contacts you, invite him to share in your church. You will be thankful you did.”

     Scott Erickson, Lead Pastor, Peoples Church, Salem, OR


“I’m delighted to recommend Kurt Plagenhoef, missionary to the Balkans, headquartered in Albania.  I first became acquainted with Kurt in 1999 when the Michigan District felt a call to plant churches n Kosovo following the war with Serbia.  Kurt opened the door and was the missionary on the ground who facilitated our ministry there. We reconnected at First Assembly of Greater Lansing where I’m serving as interim pastor.  Kurt ministered in our Sunday morning services.  He is effective, articulate, passionate, anointed—everything you want from a missionary.”

     Bill Leach, Former Superintendent, Michigan Assemblies of God